Preach the Gospel.
Make Disciples.



We join together each week for worship to orient our hearts and minds toward God, to be shaped by the Gospel through song and preaching, to be equipped to take the Gospel to the world, to partake in communion, to pray, and to celebrate how God is working in our community. 


We learn to engage in worship on our own and in a community group of other believers throughout the week. We experience life transformation through our private devotional life and in relationship with other believers. 


We joyfully and enthusiastically give sacrificially of our time, talents, and treasure. We put our God-given talents and abilities to work within the body of believers and we financially support the advancement of the Gospel through the local church faithfully and consistently. 


We engage our families, friends, neighbors, community and world with the message of the Gospel. We participate in mission both locally and globally. We are prepared to share our story of how Jesus has transformed our lives, and we are eager to see others find new life in Christ. 

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