Current Job Opprtunities

Administrative Assistant 

Time Commitment: 12-16 hours/week
Pay: $14/hr
Reports to: Lead Pastor

Resumes will be received through Friday, August 10th, 2018.
Please submit resume to


Biblical References: Romans 12:9-15, Ephesians 4:11-12 

These verses describe “service” and “dedication” to the Lord. Very descriptive words are used: “without hypocrisy”, “cling to good”, “devoted”, “diligent”, “rejoice in hope”, “persevering”, “praying”, “contributing to needs”, “practicing hospitality”; these epitomize the role of the administrative assistant.

In line with the mission and vision of Cross Community Church to preach the Gospel and make disciples, the administrative assistant will, first and foremost, be a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. The administrative assistant is responsible for administering the tasks and functions of the church office in concert with the daily service practices of the ministerial staff. In addition to these general duties, the administrative assistant may also be responsible for delegating or communicating tasks related to office management, church calendar and events updates, telephone services, publications, and correspondence.


Ministry Purpose: 
To administrate the operations within the church office and maintain the services of communication, church calendar, answering of phone and e-mails, publications, and correspondence.


Service Relationships: 
The administrative assistant is directly responsible to the Lead Pastor or other assigned ministerial staff. The administrative assistant may supervise other office assistants or office volunteers.


Primary Functions:

  • Acts as the church office receptionist directing phone calls, appointments, and guests throughout the church.
  • Logistical coordination of meetings and events church-wide.
  • Maintain office supplies
  • Participate in all staff meetings and retreats.
    (weekly staff meetings are Tuesdays from 10:30-12 PM, retreats are quarterly/bi-annual and announced well in advance)
  • Data input, editing, and maintenance of Planning Center Online
    (Church Database)
  • Coordinates the total Church Events Calendar and keeps records of the administrative forms related to all events.
  • Keeps ministerial staff, elders, deacons, and others informed of crises or ministry opportunities within the congregation and community.
  • Maintains church files in cooperation with the Church Secretary, Church Elder Board, and Church Treasurer.
  • Prepares, edits and produces all church publications including weekly emails, worship bulletins and denominational statistics.
  • Manages church social media pages and posts.

Requirements For all staff positions: 

  • A faithful follower of Jesus Christ.
  • An ongoing commitment to personal growth and professional development.
  • Practice of a consistent, vibrant devotional life. Devoted to prayer and to the Word.
  • A faithful member of Cross Community Church and in total agreement with mission, vision, and values. Complete the covenant membership process and faithfully honor all covenant membership requirements.
    (Any non-members of CCC who wish to apply for this position must be willing to become members at CCC. Applications from non-members who do not wish to become members will not be considered.)
  • Staff Members are expected to participate in Metamorphosis Training and participate in a community group.
  • Must be in agreement with and willing to comply with all staff expectations, requirements, and values as outlined in the staff employee handbook.
  • A humble, approachable, coachable, and teachable Spirit.
  • Must be a team player with a strong work ethic. Must be a self-starter and capable of working on projects independently for extended periods of time without anyone looking over your shoulder.
  • Must attend all weekend worship gatherings
  • Must participate in any “all hands on deck” staff activities
    (announced well in advance).
  • Expected to meet and maintain consistent deadlines.
  • Must be able to maintain a regular weekly schedule without interruptions.
  • Expected to work a consistent schedule and maintain regular office/working hours. You must also maintain a consistent day off.
    (see staff handbook for clarity on office/working hours and days off)

For this position: 

  • A high standard for excellence, efficiency, and attention to detail.
  • Must be able to maintain office hours Monday-Thursday from 9am-12pm without interruption.
  • Must be a highly organized individual
  • Empathetic, caring telephone skills.
  • Excellent typing ability and grammatical skills.
  • A working knowledge of standard office equipment
    (copiers, phone, computer, etc.).
  • Familiarity and comfort working with Microsoft, Apple, or Google document software
  • Bachelor’s degree OR equivalent experience.
  • At least 2 years of experience in an administrative role.
  • Basic computer skills.

Resumes will be received through Friday, August 10th, 2018.
Please submit resume to