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Ministry Assistant

Cross Community Church
Ministry Assistant Finance and Community Groups Job Description

In line with the mission and vision of Cross Community Church to preach the Gospel and make disciples, the ministry assistant will, first and foremost, be a devoted follower of Christ who has been transformed by the Gospel. The ministry assistant is responsible for administering the tasks and functions of the church office as it relates to the financial aspects of the church office. Additionally, the ministry assistant will serve as the primary administrative assistant to the Associate Pastor and oversee new community group member contacts.

Primary Administrative Functions: -Maintain office supplies. -Ensure that office operates in legal compliance with all government requirements. -Schedule and coordinate all office cleaning and maintenance.

Financial Operations
-Maintains church financial files in cooperation with the Associate Pastor.
-Oversees monthly receipt collection and turn-in process.
-Pay bills and invoices for all vendors and 1099 employees.
-Provide a monthly print-out of the total budget for each staff member.
-Oversee offering collection, counting, and deposit process to ensure faithful stewardship of funds.

Administrative Functions Pertaining to the Associate Pastor
-Fulfill the administrative needs of the Associate Pastor (phone calls, meeting requests, counseling, coordination of calendar, etc.).
-Serve as a “gatekeeper” while ensuring everyone with an inquiry is served in a friendly manner.
-Set up meetings for the Associate Pastor when requested. -Run errands for the Associate Pastor, as necessary.

Community groups
-Serve as the initial contact for anyone seeking connect to a Community group.
-Work at Next Steps table on Sunday morning to engage first time guest and connect them to Community Groups.
-Send email with Community Group information after the first contact is made.
-Assistant Associate Pastor in connecting with new group members after initial contacts have been made.

-A faithful follower of Jesus Christ.
-A clear sense of calling to serve in the ministry of the local body.
-Practice of a consistent, vibrant devotional life. Devoted to prayer and to the Word.
-A faithful member of Cross Community Church and in total agreement with mission, vision, and values. Must fulfill each element of the membership covenant.
-An ongoing commitment to personal growth and professional development.
-Must be in agreement with and willing to comply with all staff expectations, requirements, and values as outlined in the staff employee handbook.
-A humble, approachable, coachable, and teachable Spirit.
-Flexibility due to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of serving in ministry.
-Must be a team player with a strong work ethic. Must be a self-starter and capable of working on projects independently for extended periods of time without anyone looking over your shoulder. -Must attend all weekend worship gatherings.
-Must participate in any “all hands on deck” staff activities (announced well in advance). -Expected to meet and maintain consistent deadlines.
-Must be able to maintain a regular weekly schedule without interruptions. -Expected to work a consistent schedule and maintain regular predetermined office/working hours.
-A high standard for excellence and efficiency.
-Must be a highly organized individual.
-Empathetic, caring telephone and conversational skills. -A working knowledge of standard office equipment (copiers, phone, computer, etc.).
-Familiarity and comfort working with Microsoft, Apple, Google platforms.
-Must understand Quickbooks and able to read a basic ledger. -Bachelor’s degree OR equivalent experience.
-At least 2 years of experience in an administrative/financial role.
-Basic computer skills.

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