Student Ministry Director Application

We exist to see lives continually transformed
by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Job Description

The Student Ministry Director will oversee all elements of leading, planning, organization, and assimilation of all facets of 6th-12th grade ministry in addition to helping students become an integral part of all facets of ministry at Cross Community Church. In line with the mission and vision of CCC to see lives continually transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the SMD will, first and foremost, be a devoted follower of Christ who has been transformed by the Gospel and has joined Christ on His mission to advance the Gospel by making disciples. Further, the SMD will be an example of humble, Christlike maturity personally, within his family, among his neighbors and co-workers, to the students he leads, and within the church. The Student Ministry Director will be primarily responsible for planning and constructing engaging, Gospel-centered environments for students, coordinating and leading student ministry events and activities, and assimilating students into the larger body and life of Cross Community Church.

Reports to: Lead Pastor & Elders
Initial Weekly Commitment: 10-12 hours


  • Create Gospel-Centered, biblically saturated large group and small group environments for students.
  • Choose biblically rich teaching materials and intentionally lead students into the study of Scripture.
  • Recruiting, training, and retaining qualified adult student leaders.
  • Connecting students to service opportunities within the community.
  • Establishing, leading, training, and discipling student and adult leadership teams.
  • Overseeing a weekly student ministry gathering.
  • Overseeing, organizing, and leading student ministry events, trips, camps, and activities.
  • Plan and manage student ministry budget with accuracy, integrity, and efficiency.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor


  • A faithful follower of Jesus Christ.
  • You must truly, genuinely love students and have a deep desire to see them become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Expected to pursue Christ, to lead yourself, to lead your family, and to lead others, in that order.
  • An ongoing commitment to personal growth and professional development.
  • Practice of a consistent, vibrant devotional life. Devoted to prayer and the Word.
  • To be involved in personal evangelism and discipleship.
  • A faithful member of Cross Community Church and in total agreement with mission, vision, and values. Complete the covenant membership process and faithfully honor all covenant membership requirements.
  • Staff members are expected to participate in Metamorphosis Training and participate in a community group.
  • Must be in agreement with and willing to comply with all staff expectations, requirements, and values as outlined in the staff employee handbook.
  • A desire to create a culture of multiplication by raising up more student leaders.
  • A humble, approachable, coachable, and teachable spirit.
  • Must be a team player with a strong work ethic. Must be a self-starter and capable of working on projects independently for extended periods of time without anyone looking over your shoulder.
  • Must attend all weekend worship gatherings.
  • Must participate in any “all hands on deck” staff activities (announced well in advance.)
  • Must be willing to maintain an ongoing presence where the students are.
  • Must be willing to be flexible due to the often unpredictable nature of full-time* ministry.
  • Expected to work a consistent schedule and maintain regular office/working hours. You must also maintain a consistent day off. See staff handbook for clarity on office/working hours and days off.
  • A high standard of excellence and efficiency.
  • Experience leading within a student ministry.
*As a part-time position, it is understood that the chosen candidate will very possibly be balancing the demands of another job in addition to family needs. This will most certainly be taken into consideration and CCC will work diligently with the candidate to establish a consistent and reasonable expectation that does not cause undue stress on the candidate’s family or those who are involved in the work of the ministry. The desire for this position is to gradually increase to a 1⁄2 position (20-25 hours) during year 1 and a full-time position (40 hours + benefits) in year 2. This will be contingent upon the performance of the candidate, the state and needs of the ministry, budget availability, and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Read through these documents:
Statement of Belief
Membership Covenant

Watch this sermon:

Submit this application along with an updated resumé and a short video or audio recording* of you teaching/speaking to

*If you do not have a video or audio recording available,
we will create an environment to do so during the interview process.

I will cause your name to be remembered in all generations; 
therefore nations will praise you forever and ever.
Psalm 45:17